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Be like Buddha. Bring laughter into your life.

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Have you ever seen a statue of the Laughing Buddha? Big jolly belly & a cheerful face? The Happy Buddha (Pu Tai), aka the Laughing Buddha was a Buddhist Monk that lived 1000 years ago and carried a sack of candy with him to spread joy!

He is the Buddha that represents finding amusement amidst our joys and sorrows and sends the lesson of supporting one another with humor, kindness, and compassion. His gift of humor and acts of generosity aided those to find the power of acceptance, seeking light and above the clouds, and understanding that sometimes life can be a joke. On the day to day, we all face old and new challenges and obstacles that stand in our way. We do our best. If we can find humor in one thing throughout our day, we have done our job in becoming light-hearted and to release those endorphins in the brain that can short term make us feel happy or smile. If we can do that at least once a day...I think that’s a successful day.

I’ll tell you a short story...

There was one time I ran into a parking meter because I was looking at something behind me instead of looking forward. I’m short (4’ 11”), so I hit it HEAD ON and nearly knocked myself out. After I stopped seeing stars, I started giggling and just smiled at everyone that totally watched it happen, which made them smile and chuckle. It was a compassionate laughter to myself and from others! It was an amazing reminder to keep looking forward! I was fine, and I didn’t even let my Ego get bruised.;)

For today at least, try to laugh off or find that soul smirk on the inside- don’t sweat the small stuff.

Peace & Love,


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